Scrimmage reveals weaknesses


When junior post Markie Workman entered the Moffat County High School gymnasium Monday, she immediately started shooting baskets.

After a preseason scrimmage against Grand Junction High School and Grand Junction Central High School on Saturday, Workman and the rest of her teammates knew they were in for a tough practice.

"We have things we need to work on," Workman said. "We need to work on our offense, but our defense played good."

Workman said there was still a little rust that needed to be brushed off.

Coach Craig Mortensen said the scrimmage went well, but as with any scrimmage, there were positives and negatives.

"It's an awareness thing," Mortensen said. "It makes us aware of what we need to do."

Mortensen said there wasn't one weakness that stood out, but getting the new players and the old players to mix needed the most work.

"We have kids who didn't play varsity last year but will this year," Mortensen said. "It's just fitting those things together."

Both games in the scrimmage were evenly matched, even though no scores were kept. Assistant coach Matt Ray said the Bulldogs didn't have as much intensity, and they relied on their talent to carry them.

"We didn't play to the level we could have," Ray said. "And the last game, we got out-hustled."

Senior guard Ashleigh Mann agreed with Ray about the intensity level on the court and said they could have played better.

Mann said even though they played a quick defense, the Bulldogs made a lot of unnecessary fouls, and they needed to be patient on offense.

After going 25-1 last season, the Bulldogs are trying to repeat that run and make it to the state championship game.

The season kicks off for the Bulldogs on Friday in Vernal, Utah, at the Uintah tournament.

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