2006 4-H Achievement Awards


5, 8, 9, 10, Year Member Pins

  • 5 Year

Miranda Blomquist, Michael Pankey, Ryan Brookshire, Abbie Reid, Natasha Chapman, Aaron Shaffer, Nathan Chapman, Justin Stephenson, Lacie Coupe, Kevin Stewart,

Jerica DeLong, Shirley Vazquez, Ian Duzik, Breanne Willshire, Austin Lee,

Derek Willshire, Hannah Longwell, Brittany Wiseman, and Lindsey Yoast

  • 8 Year

Emily Hepworth, Krista Shaffer, Jessica Hogue, Brad Summers, Dani Kawcak,

Anna Lou Velasquez, and Chris Pankey

  • 9 Year

Jessica Snowden, and Clara Stiefel

  • 10 Year

Rachel Longwell, Rance Moon, Kaycee Stagner

11 Year

Sarah Kawcak, Eric Wellman, Lyndi Wellman

Leader Recognition

  • 1 Year

Andrew Bullen, Sara Meek, Cheryl Bush, Jessie Moon, Michael Fraher, Pat Pearce, Melinda Gili, Gail Petch, Jonathan Godes, Steven Sloan, Buffi Harrington, Rodney Trail

  • 5 Year

Glenda Bellio

  • 10 Years

Kay Weeldreyer

  • 25 Year

Marie Kettle

  • Special Leader Recognition:

Phyllis Myers and Evelyn Ott, of the Hamilton Busy Beavers Club

  • Fashion Revue & Construction Award

Lisa Camilletti, Melissa Camilletti, Ashley King, Teren Wilkey, Cheyenne Ossen

Jessica Wiseman, Katelyn Peroulis, Abigail Gonzales

  • Champion and Reserve Champion Fashion Revue Awards:

Teren Wilkey (Champion), Jessica Wiseman (Reserve Champion)

Best Kept Livestock Records

  • Market Beef Medal:

5th Wyatt Uptain

4th Dani Kawcak

3rd Sarah Kawcak

2nd Chelsee Camblin

1st Call Camblin

  • Breed Beef Medal:

5th Lacie Coupe

4th Mackenzie Camblin

3rd Call Camblin

2nd Bryanne Runnion

1st Chelsee Camblin

  • Market Sheep Medal:

5th Brice White

4th Natasha Chapman

3rd April Etheridge

2nd Justin Stephenson

1st Karissa Maneotis

  • Breed Sheep Medal

5th Jerica DeLong

4th Karissa Maneotis

3rd Emily Wellman

2nd Lyndi Wellman

1st Eric Wellman

  • Market Swine Medal

5th Karissa Maneotis

4th Ashley King

3rd Abbie Reid

2nd Taylor Duzik

1st Miranda Blomquist

  • Market Goat Medal

5th Dakota Lee

4th Austin Lee

3rd Brittanie Slonsknes

2nd Makayla Goodnow

1st Alexi Goodnow

  • Breeding Goat Medal

3rd Karissa Maneotis

2nd Makayla Goodnow

1st Alexi Goodnow

  • Dairy Goat Medal

2nd Taelor Stagner

1st Nate Moon

  • Rabbit Medal

5th Trace Walt

4th Adrienne Petch

3rd Shane Petch

2nd Sadye Morgan

1st Wyatt Oberwitte

  • Poultry Medal

4th Eli Dixon

3rd Wyatt Oberwitte

2nd Faith Santistevan

1st Ashleigh Santistevan

  • Jr. Champion Record book Plaque

5th Wyatt Oberwitte

4th Taylor Duzik

3rd Faith Santistevan

2nd Alexi Goodnow (market)

1st Alexi Goodnow (breeding)

  • Int. Champion Record Book Plaque

5th Makayla Goodnow (market)

4th Makayla Goodnow (breeding)

3rd Chelsee Camblin

2nd Call Camblin

1st Ashleigh Santistevan

  • Sr. Champion Record Book Plaque

5th Lyndi Wellman

4th Eric Wellman

3rd Nate Moon

2nd Dani Kawcak

1st Sarah Kawcak

Best Kept Dog Records

  • 1st Year Dog Records:

5th Chelsie Carlson

4th Erica Daugherty

3rd Imelda Hernandez

2nd Britni Harrington

1st Kathrine Cork

  • Advanced Dog Records:

5th Jane Spann

4th Jordan McLeslie

3rd Teren Wilkey

2nd Bridget Harrington

1st Katy Nottingham

  • Outstanding Dog Exhibitor Award

Kayla Hall

2007 Queen/Attendants

Senior Queen: Anna Lou Velasquez

Senior Attendants: Ashley Summers, Amanda Nichols

Intermediate Queen: Kayla Hall

Junior Queen: Brittany Wiseman

Beef awards

  • Supreme Market Beef Award:

Denton Taylor

  • Homegrown Market Beef Award

Ashley Summers

  • Breeder of Champion Beef

Lacie Coupe

  • Moffat County Cowbelles Champion Beef Female Award

Chelsee Camblin


  • Junior Leader Pins

Kathrine Cork, Anna Lou Velasquez, Yvonne Green, Eric Wellman

Jessica Hogue, Lyndi Wellman, Sara Kurz, Tiffany Wilde, Katy Nottingham,

Teren Wilkey, Jessica Snowden, Kaycee Stagner, Taelor Stagner.

  • Outstanding Rabbit Exhibitor

Sadye Morgan

  • Outstanding Poultry Exhibitor

Ashleigh Santistevan

  • Report Forms

Eric Wellman -- Champion Senior

Lyndi Wellman -- Reserve Champion Senior

  • Supreme Market Swine Award

Natasha Chapman and Nathan Chapman

  • Supreme Market Lamb Award

Brice White

Krista Shaffer

  • Supreme Market Goat Award

Austin Lee

  • Breeding Sheep Award: Karissa Maneotis
  • Breeding Goat Award: Alexi Goodnow
  • Breeding Beef Award: Chelsee Camblin

Shooting awards

  • Shooting Sports Award:

Lindsey Yoast

Derek Willshire

Dakota Lee

Natasha Sloan

Austin Lee

  • .22
  • Junior Grand Champion: Mark Tuck

Junior Reserve Champion:Curtis Tuck

Senior Grand Champion: Derek Willshire

Senior Reserve Champion: Austin Blomquist

  • Air Pistol:

Junior Grand Champion: Austin Lee

Junior Reserve Champion: Dakota Lee

  • Shotgun High Point Awards:

Dario Georgiou

Derek Willshire

Outstanding General Project Awards

  • Grand Champion Animal Science: Andi Daugherty
  • Reserve Champion Animal Science: Jessica Wiseman
  • Grand Champion Biological Sciences: Kathrine Cork
  • Grand Champion Natural Resources: Lindsey Yoast, Austin Lee, Natasha Sloan
  • Reserve Champion Natural Resources: Dakota Lee, Mark Tuck
  • Grand Champion Consumer Sciences: Lyndi Wellman, Alexi Drgac, Abigail Gonzales
  • Reserve Champion Consumer Sciences: Teren Wilkey, Ashley Summers
  • Grand Champion Communication, Arts and Leisure Sciences: Weston Brady
  • Grand Champion Communication, Arts and Leisure Sciences: Britni Harrington

Best Photo Awards

  • Grand Champion Best Photos: Alisha Camp, Abigail Gonzales, Ashley King
  • Reserve Champion Best Photos: Kacie Owens, Makayla Goodnow, Hannah Beckett

Secretary Book Award

  • Champion: Hamilton Busy Beavers
  • Reserve Champion: Classy Canine 4-H Club

Treasurer Book Award

Classy Canine 4-H Club

Historian Book Award

Classy Canine 4-H Club

Producer's Choice Award

  • Senior:

Lyndi Wellman 1st place

Stetson White 2nd place


April Etheridge 1st place

  • Junior:

Brice White 1st place

Kayla Hall 2nd place

2006 Producer's Choice Oral Presentation Winners:

  • Senior:

Eric Wellman

  • Intermediate:

April Etheridge

  • Junior:

Brice White

Outstanding Angus Exhibitor

Anna Lou Velasquez

Herdsman Award

  • Beef: Elkhead Gang
  • Sheep/Goats: Double Trouble
  • Swine: Purple Circle Swine
  • Small Animal: Feathered Friends

Overall top club/chapter award

Double Trouble

Best Kept Horse Records

  • Junior:

5th Michaela Boatright

4th Holly Dunaway

3rd Shania Gurr

2nd Breanne Willshire

1st Taylor Duzik

  • Intermediate Plaque:

5th Hilton Smith

4th Amanda Browning

3rd Mike Miller

2nd Terra Rieser

1st Krista Shaffer

  • Senior Plaque:

5th: Colton Murray

4th Tiffany Wilde

3rd Nate Moon

2nd Jessie Snowden

1st Sarah Kawcak

  • Overall Horse Records:

5th Jessie Snowden

4th Terra Rieser

3rd Krista Shaffer

2nd Sarah Kawcak

1st Taylor Duzik

Outstanding Horseman Award

Sarah Kawcak

Outstanding 4-H Leader

Marie Kettle

Outstanding 4-H Member

Anna Lou Velasquez

Community Pride & Club Completion Certificates

  • 75 Percent Completion:

Breeze Basin -- Cherie Blomquist

Elkhead Wranglers -Lorrae Moon

Hamilton Busy Beavers -- Phyllis Myers and Evelyn Ott

High Country Cactus Kickers -- Mary Martinez

Classy Canines -- Glenna Grandbouche and Lori Visintainer

Double Trouble -- Nick and Karen Maneotis

Purple Circle Swine -- Joanne Roberson

High on Horse -- Glenda Bellio and Debbie Dunaway

Cedar Mountain Saddle Slingers -- Marilyn Rieser and Janet Pearcey

Duzik Leathercraft -- Pat and Betty Ann Duzik

Pottery Kids -- Debbie Dunaway

State-State Exchange -- Lorrae Moon and Jennifer Stagner

Quilting -- Mary Pat Dunn and Peggy Bomba

Cakes are Us -- Joey Chadwick and Neva Meek

Specialty Foods -- Robin Schiffbauer

Knitting -- Marie Kettle and Andre Huffmire

  • 100 % Completion

Elkhead Gang -- Dave Summers and Mary Moon

Maybell Rustlers -- Lynna Velasquez

K-9 Kids -- Julie Hall and Buffi Harrington

Cedar Mountain Swine Growers -- Rodney Trail

Feathered Friends -- Kathy Oberwitte

Livestock Judging Team -- Chad Green

Community Pride

Purple Circle Swine -- Joanne Roberson

Hamilton Busy Beavers -- Phylllis Myers and Evelyn Ott

Breeze Basin -- Cherie Blomquist

Maybell Rustlers -- Lynna Velasquez

Classy Canines -- Glenna Grandbouche

Shots in the Dark -- Michelle Perry

4-H Council Certificates

President: Eric Wellman

Vice President: Lyndi Wellman

Secretary/Treasurer: Anna Lou Velasquez

Fair Board Representative: Amanda Nichols

Senators: Anna Lou Velásquez, Amanda Nichols

  • Club Representatives:

Emily Wellman

Makayla Goodnow

Ashley Summers

Brad Summers

  • Leader Advisors:

John Wellman

Dave Summers

Judging Team Members

Call Camblin

Chelsee Camblin

Mackenzie Camblin

Katrina Snowden

Jessica Hogue

Stetson White

Karissa Maneotis

Brooke Trail

Tiarra Schroder

Tyler Gerber

Outstanding Junior

Chelsee Camblin

Outstanding Senior

Katrina Snowden

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