New totals, same results

Board certifies election results


The winners still won.

While results remain the same, the totals changed slightly on Friday as a three-member board of Moffat County election officials certified vote totals from the Nov. 7 general election. The totals have been submitted to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office for review.

A canvass board, consisting of a local Democrat, Republican and deputy county clerk and recorder Lila Herod, added 16 provisional ballots to the general election totals.

The additional ballots raised Moffat County's voter turnout to 4,300, or 50.9 percent of the 8,402 registered voters.

Final vote totals for each local race are:

Republican Tom Mathers, district 3 representative on the Moffat County Commission, received 3,450 votes, an increase of 15 votes.

Republican Tim Jantz, county sheriff, received 2,737 votes, or eight more than on Election Day. Independent candidate Vic Alton received 954 votes, an increase of four votes, as did write-in candidate Don Kroese, who finished the race with 322 votes.

Republican Owen Grant, county coroner, received 3,772 votes, an increase of 14 votes.

Republican Elaine Sulli--van, county clerk and recorder, received 3,740 votes, an increase of 16 votes.

Republican Robert Raz--zano, county treasurer, received 3,582 votes, an increase of 14 votes.

Republican Suzzanne Brinks, county assessor, received 3,467 votes, an increase of 14 votes.

Winners from Nov. 7 will be sworn in Jan. 9 at the Moffat County Courthouse.

Erin Miller, assistant to the Moffat County commissioners, said the tentative plan is for all the new officials to be sworn in by either Judge Michael O'Hara, chief judge of the 14th Judicial District, or incoming Judge Sandra Gardner.

The Secretary of State's Office has until Dec. 1 to compile the vote totals and determine whether a recount is necessary. Herod said she doesn't expect any recounts for Moffat County.

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