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Dark Horse Liquors wins second title


At the beginning of the season, many teams try to find their identity and establish themselves for success. But for some Craig Parks and Recreation Department league teams, just getting enough players to show up for games is good enough.

"I think a lot of people play because you get to visit and get out," Brianna Montgomery said. "My team does it because we're super competitive and like to play."

With the fall season coming to a close on the semi-competitive and competitive leagues, the Parks and Recreation Department held tournaments this week to give teams a shot at winning it all.

During Monday night's competitive league tournament, Webber Brothers beat out Stockmen's Liquors for the league title. Both teams played aggressively, but the experience of the players on Webber Brothers took over as they cruised to victory.

"We played them twice," said Montgomery of Webber Brothers. "The first time they played us tough and gave us some good games, but we still won in two games. The second time around for them was not as good, because they had to play three games."

Wednesday night's semi-competitive semi-final match-up was between Powers Enterprises against Dark Horse Liquors.

Both teams battled for points but Dark Horse pulled away with good serving to win both games.

It was onto the championship game for Dark Horse, who went up against Get-R-Done, a team that had not lost a game yet in the tournament.

Because of the double-elimination format, they had to play two matches.

The first game of the first match was competitive. The members of Dark Horse were just getting warmed up after playing three matches in a row, and Get-R-Done was coming off a rest period.

"It was a good game," said Cherie Walker of Dark Horse.

Dark Horse won the first game, but it wasn't easy. The second game belonged to Get-R-Done, who pushed the members of Dark Horse to play defensive.

"They made us work," Walker said.

The match-up between the two teams gave people in the gym a sense of deja vu.

"We had to play them last year to," Walker said. "And we had to play something like nine games in a row."

Winning the first match in three games, it was onto the second and final match of the night.

Dark Horse came out and put the ball away, to start things off, but Get-R-Done wouldn't go down without a fight. They scrambled and tried to come back, but Dark Horse put the game away and walked home with its second championship.

"It was really fun," Walker said.

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