Dinosaur officials to review recall


Early next week, Dinosaur town officials expect to complete a review of a petition submitted Tuesday afternoon proposing to recall mayor Freda Powell.

Resident Sharon Gehring, who has lived in Dinosaur for a year, turned in the petition Tuesday afternoon in her third attempt to begin the process to oust Powell, who was elected in April. More than 30 people signed the petition the first two times, she said.

Town officials are reviewing the language in the submitted petition to ensure it meets standards under Colorado Revised Statutes. An earlier petition had errors, which Gehring said she corrected.

Dinosaur clerk Tamara Long said a review of the petition should be completed by Monday afternoon.

After the language is approved, Gehring may begin re-circulating the petition and acquiring signatures from residents in favor of recalling Powell. She said Thursday that she intends to re-canvass each resident who signed originally signed the petition.

Gerhing began her recall drive in September, citing a lack of full-time police protection in Dinosaur, the small town 90 miles west of Craig, as one of the reasons.

Powell has contended that she has done nothing wrong to warrant the recall petition, and that her top priority remains serving the best interests of the whole town rather than a few select residents.

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