Arguing for endorsements


The Memorial Hospital board of trustees, Moffat County School District, Craig City Council. These are just a few of the local governing bodies that should be lauded for taking a stand on local issues critical to the future of Moffat County.

At various points during this election season, several boards, committees and community organizations throughout the area were asked to endorse mill levies proposed by either the Craig Rural Fire Protection District, Colorado Northwestern Community College, or both.

Many of them chose to do so, and backed their verbal support with formal letters supporting the ballot questions seeking money to either improve or sustain services.

In short, this editorial board commends those organizations that stood up and took a stand on the ballot issues. Understand that our praise begins and ends with boards voicing an opinion only; in this case, their particular stance on the questions is irrelevant.

In today's polarized, red-state, blue-state political climate, when most politicians head for the high ground when asked about their political views on a controversial subject, when they would rather float up test balloon answers in hopes of learning if their opinion meets popular approval, when the reaction of polling groups is deemed more important than shooting straight with an honest response, the local boards' opinions on the mill levy questions is a refreshing change.

It lends credence to the notion that local politics matter, and that our elected or appointed officials have a bigger stake in our community than just the organizations they serve.

Their responses -- most of which came after a presentation from representatives of groups proposing the ballot questions -- didn't come without debate.

This leads us to believe there was genuine thought and consideration given to the subjects in question, rather than just the same old rubber stamp, good old boy network spinning its wheels once again.

This editorial board believes that asking a board of elected or appointed officials to voice their opinion on a subject -- and those matters can range anywhere from the trivial to the controversial -- falls within the realm of their responsibilities to the community.

Our officials and boards put themselves before the public eye, and essentially placed themselves and their views under the spotlight.

To those who stood up, we say thank you for doing the jobs you asked for.

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