Working through winter

Gym fanatics say exercising is a year-round addiction


This is no seasonal activity.

As the winter season kicks in, Trapper Fitness Center manager Tammy Workman said memberships are on the rise, especially in January, when the New Years resolutions kick in.

"I do see a trend more in the winter," Workman said. "When the weather gets cold, people don't want to walk or run outside."

But for those sporting sweat pants and hitting the gym Thursday, it wasn't because they were jumping on the bandwagon.

For Pres Askew, hitting the gym is like clockwork. Six days a week he's at the fitness center -- three in the racquetball courts, three on the weight machines.

"He's a year-round kind of a guy," Workman said. "He keeps fit very well."

Even if the weather is nice, Trapper Fitness Center is As-kew's home away from home.

"You can't do this stuff outside," Askew said, motioning to the weight room. "The things I like are indoor."

Workman said many come to the gym because they can cross-train, doing both cardiovascular and muscle exercises in one stop.

"You're getting both in one shot," Workman said.

For those looking to break out of the traditional jog down the block or pumping iron, the fitness center offers several year-round fitness activities, from Pilates and yoga to line dancing and Tae Bo.

On her day off, Heather Bankie hammered away at the treadmill while she watched the news on a TV.

Bankie, who works outside, said she normally stops by after work to do a cardiovascular workout, because she prefers not to freeze outside.

"Physical fitness needs to become a way of life in order to stay in shape," Nancy Bauman said.

Bauman is part of the 5 a.m. crowd.

"It's their lifestyle," Workman said about the group of early risers. "A lot of the seniors are really dedicated."

Five or six days a week all year long, Bauman can be found in the gym, although she does like to take a dip in the summer.

"The coolness pushes me inside and weight lifting keeps me in there anyway," Bauman said. "Down at the gym, we watch people show up for the first few weeks. It's not taken into the context that it needs to be and not just the moment. They need to find time for themselves to keep their body in shape."

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