Hospital administrator adds duties for senior employees


George Rohrich, administrator at The Memorial Hospital, introduced Tuesday three long-time employees, who have been handed additional duties in an effort to improve hospital service.

Rohrich told the seven-member board of trustees that senior administration leaders Beka Warren, Pam Thompson and Suzanne Frappier have all been handed additional oversight.

Warren, a nurse at the hospital for 19 years, has added chief quality officer to her title. The job includes monitoring service quality and risk and overseeing accreditation.

Warren has held the position for a week.

"We're all finding new ways to work together," Warren said. "I'm looking forward to it, and I'm enjoying it already."

Thompson, community relations director, has worked at the hospital for five years. She inherits the role of service excellence officer and oversees human resources, public relations and employee and patient services.

Thompson laid out a plan Tuesday designed to improve employee satisfaction and patient service. She also said she will work with each hospital department to identify its mission, values and vision.

Rohrich said Thompson, like Warren and Frappier, will help usher in a "sweeping change" at the hospital.

Frappier, who has worked at the hospital for more than four years, has added chief clinical officer to her responsibilities. She will oversee all clinical departments.

"I'm just glad to be getting back to the clinical world," Frappier told the board.

Rohrich, who's been at the hospital since March, has told staff mem--bers that he intends to focus on "five pillars" in improving the hospital. Those pillars are finances, quality patient care, growth, physicians and employee excellence.

Thompson said Rohrich's five areas of concentration will directly influence hospital operations.

"Everything we do will tie into one of those pillars," she said.

Thompson said Rohrich's changes should help usher in a heightened level of service at the hospital.

"I just think there is such a fresh vision here," she said.

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