Government update for May 27


The Memorial Hospital Board of Trustees
Last met:
April 26
• Approved a $12,621 purchase of an exchange server.
• Approved medical staff privileges for Charles Fowler, M.D.
• Approved annual review of ethical and legal compliance program.
• Approved annual review of hospital plan of care.
• Approved 2005 annual summary of pharmacy and therapeutics program.

Next meeting:
• 7 p.m. Call to order, approval of April 26 minutes and May 4 minutes.
• Opportunity for public to address the board.
• Action items:
-- Request for Board of Trustee Motion authorizing chief financial officer Roger M. White to sign and submit the 2005 Medicare and Medicaid cost report.
-- Request for approval to transfer funds from new TMH account to operating account.
-- Request for approval of medical staff bylaw changes for peer review and active staff membership.
-- Request for approval of medical staff appointments: Mark Griffin/associate staff with otorhinolaryngology/facial plastic surgery staff privileges; Sean Griggs, maintain on provisional staff with class 3 orthopedic surgery privileges; James Haden, active staff privileges with class 3 urology privileges, and Rodney Lange, provisional staff privileges in emergency medicine.
-- Request for purchase of a well counter for nuclear medicine.
• Medical staff report from chief of staff, Dr. Tammy Rice.
• Joint conference committee report by chairman Melton Sullivan.
• Finance committee report by chairman Missy Bonaker.
• Annual reviews.
• Foundation report.
• Building committee report by chairman Ron Danner.
• Administration report.

Moffat County Commissioners
Last met:
May 23
• Commissioners approved changes to the upcoming elections and the switch to electronic voting machines Tuesday. The primary election to be held on Aug. 8 will debut the new machines at Centennial Mall, Hamilton Town Hall, Maybell Community Center and Dinosaur Town Hall.
Commissioners approved phone line installation for Maybell Community Center, with a portion of the cost coming from the county clerk budget to cover the elections, and the rest coming from the county budget. The cost of year-round phone service was comparable to stopping and re-connecting the service for each election.
If everything runs smoothly at the primary elections in August, the voting system will remain the same for the general election in November. Early voting will run from July 29 to August 4.
• Commissioners tabled discussion with Assessor Suzanne Brinks about a contract with Value Check for a Web site to cut down on phone calls for information on property values. Brinks hopes that a Web site will cut the number of daily calls by real estate agents, appraisers, insurance companies and others addressing property value issues.
• Commissioners approved Emergency Medical Services rules and resolutions concerning ambulance services in the county and named Dr. Jon Ossen as the county medical director for the Emergency Medical Services program. The EMS resolution regulates ambulances and ambulance service in the county following state statutes spelling out minimum requirements for licensing ambulances and procedures in Colorado.
• Commissioners approved two leases for mineral rights benefiting the Museum of Northwest Colorado. One lease yields a 16.66 percent royalty and one yields a 15 percent royalty to the museum.
• Pinnacol Insurance presented the county a dividend check for $51,269 for changes made in the workers compensation program, and human resources was granted an additional part-time person for the Parks and Recreation Department for a custodial technician from June through August at 20 hours a week.

Next meeting:
May 30
Will discuss:
• 8:30 a.m. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence
• Consent agenda
-- Approval of payroll warrant
-- Sign intergovernmental agreement with State of Colorado for participation in the Colorado Emergency Fire Fund
-- Sign vehicle lease
-- Adopt the resolution on policy and procedure regarding the authority to contract
-- Sign Fair Board authority to contract resolution
-- Consider J-W Operating setback allowance request
• 8:45 a.m. General discussion
-- Discuss rescheduling June 6 meeting
• 9 a.m. Road and Bridge, Bill Mack
-- Award striping bid
• 9:15 a.m. Human resources, Lynnette Running
-- Two personnel requisitions
-- Sign group life insurance agreements
-- Sign non-renewal letter to Pinnacol Assurance
-- Review and sign medical leave of absence policy
-- Review and sign amended pre-trip inspections / county vehicle repairs policy
• 9:45 a.m. Clerk and Recorder, Lila Herod
-- Secretary of State grant

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