Commissioners approve Road and Bridge purchases


The Moffat County Commissioners approved three items Tuesday requested by the Road and Bridge Department.

The commissioners approved buying a $283,405 loader from local business Wagner Equipment Co.

Although Wagner's bid wasn't the lowest of those submitted for the loader, commissioners said their offer was chosen because the company is local, making it easier to provide service for the new equipment.

Crews will use the loader an estimated 1,000 hours a year. Employees from Wagner said the machine can operate for 10 years before needing extended maintenance.

The county traded in a used loader, valued at $23,000, for the new machine. The trade-in is figured into the $283,405 cost.

The commission also agreed to sign a $293,000 contract for oil to be used on this year's chip-and-sealing projects.

The county will purchase 872 gallons of oil, at $336 per ton. The oil will be applied to county roads this summer.

Also approved was the lowering of speed limits on Moffat County Roads 57 and 4 during chip-and-sealing projects this summer.

Speed limits of 60 mph will be lowered to 50 mph and then 35 mph as vehicles approach the construction zones.

Commissioner Darryl Steele asked the Road and Bridge Department for guarantees that traffic will not be forced to drive slowly in zones not being sealed at that time.

Road and Bridge employees agreed to those terms.

Road and Bridge Director Bill Mack notified commissioners about vandalism, estimated at $10,000 in damage, to a county-owned grader last weekend on Moffat County Roads 21 and 21 South. The person responsible shot out two tires, windows and the radiator, Mack said.

Vandals also tore out or ran over about 50 signs on the county roads.

Commissioners approved a motion to offer $500 for information leading to a conviction of anyone involved with these acts.

Dan Olsen can be reached at 824-7031, ext. 207, or

Commissioners approved changes to the upcoming elections and the switch to electronic voting machines Tuesday. The primary election Aug. 8 will debut the new machines at Centennial Mall, Hamilton Town Hall, Maybell Community Center and Dinosaur Town Hall.

Commissioners approved phone line installation for Maybell Community Center, with a portion of the cost coming from the county clerk budget to cover the elections, and the rest coming from the county budget. The cost of year-round phone service was comparable to stopping and re-connecting the service for each election.

If everything runs smoothly at the primary elections in August, the voting system will remain the same for the general election in November. Early voting will run from July 29 to Aug. 4.

Commissioners tabled discussion with Assessor Suzanne Brinks about a contract with Value Check for a Web site to cut down on phone calls for information on property values. Brinks hopes that a Web site will cut the number of daily calls by real estate agents, appraisers, insurance companies and others addressing property value issues.

Commissioners approved Emer-gency Medical Services rules and resolutions concerning ambulance services in the county and named Dr. Jon Ossen as the county medical director for the Emergency Medical Services program. The EMS resolution regulates ambulances and ambulance service in the county following state statutes spelling out minimum requirements for licensing ambulances and procedures in Colorado.

Commissioners approved two leases for mineral rights benefiting the Museum of Northwest Colorado. One lease yields a 16.66 percent royalty and one yields a 15 percent royalty to the museum.

Pinnacol Insurance presented the county a dividend check for $51,269 for changes made in the workers compensation program, and human resources was granted an additional part-time person for the Parks and Recreation Department for a custodial technician from June through August at 20 hours a week.

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