Speak up for May 23


No Spanish pages

I agree, it is your job to communicate the news and information to your readers. And since this is America, your responsibility and loyalty should be to Americans.

You are not helping the non-English speaking community to learn the English language by printing the news in their language. How do you think the millions of people coming through Ellis Island succeeded in this country? By reading, listening to the radio, watching TV and speaking English until they were fluent in our language. Non-English speaking people come here from other countries. I don't see your paper printing articles in their language.

In the daily newspapers I am familiar with, be it city or mega metro, and the Hispanic population is far greater than 6 percent, I find they do not print a special section of their paper in Spanish.

Editor's note: On May 16, Daily Press Publisher Bryce Jacobson wrote a column explaining why he thinks publishing news in Spanish is a service to readers. Many Colorado newspapers have Spanish language pages or publications entirely in Spanish.

Prairie-dog nuisance

For many years, long before we ever heard the word "environmentalist," we've been trying to get rid of the coyote and the prairie dog because they damage domestic livestock and crops. It's probable that the last two living things will be a coyote chasing a prairie dog through a patch of thistles.

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