Bike trek draws 200 riders to Maybell


— This tiny town had more than twice its usual population Saturday morning, when spandex-clad bicyclists from across the state converged here.

The 20th annual "Where the Hell is Maybell?" bike ride brought more than 200 cyclists to the town of about 100 people 30 miles west of Craig.

For many of the riders, the rolling hills and light traffic on U.S. Highway 40 make the ride from Craig to Maybell a nice way to start the summer biking season.

"It was really a nice, easy ride," said Molly McAllister, of Lafayette, who made the trek from Craig to Maybell for the first time.

McAllister was in Steamboat Springs visiting a friend and decided riding to Maybell would be a nice way to spend a Saturday morning.

Some of the riders threw their bikes in a car or truck and drove back to Craig, while others hopped back on their bikes and did the ride in reverse.

McAllister said she wasn't sure whether she would ride back or drive back.

"We're going to see how full we are," she said while eating a pancake breakfast at Maybell Park.

Some of the riders were just there to soak up the sun and enjoy the outdoors.

"It's good to just get out and get the fresh air," said Amy Peck of Craig.

Peck made the ride with a couple of passengers -- her 2-year-old son Ryan and her friend's 18-month-old son Garret Anson rode in a cart behind Peck's bike.

In a few years, Peck said the boys might be able to make the ride themselves.

Pam Maneotis, recreation coordinator for Craig Parks and Recreation, said that with more than 200 participants, this year's ride was better last year's.

"I think it's due to the weather," Maneotis said as she flipped pancakes for the ride's participants.

People from all over Colorado and as far away as Illinois called Maneotis saying they wanted to make the trek.

"We have a few from everywhere," she said.

Chip Shevlin, of Steamboat Springs, made the ride for the first time.

Living in Steamboat, Shevlin said he had been through Maybell many times, but the tiny town was never his destination.

"It's not really a destination resort," Shevlin said.

But Saturday morning, the tiny town was the destination.

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