Letter: Sad that paralegal program has been cut


To to editor:

It is a sad day when Colorado Northwest Community College discontinues a program. The paralegal program is about to become history.

While some men have been through the program, it is mainly women who have benefited from it. The benefits include a better job, better pay, benefits and hours that even single moms can afford to work. The paralegal profession isn't limited to just strong young men or women (no requirements about lifting 50 pounds for the job like so many other jobs in the Craig, Moffat County area).

Yes, it is sad that a program that helps women is about to disappear while another program geared mainly toward men is about to start up. The power plant training program is a great idea, but why do women who want to work a traditional job (judicial clerical) have to suffer? How many women over 40 years old will be able to meet the physical rigors involved in working at a power plant until they reach an age to retire? How many single, divorced, or widowed moms will be able to find child care for the three rotating shifts they will be working if they make it through this type of training?

How many athletes get scholarships or "full rides" to attend the Rangely campus? Men or women, let's get real here. How many of these athletes go on to become professional athletes? Instead of cutting back on academics, why do we not cut back on the athletic programs or cut them out entirely, or make them pay for themselves? Isn't it more important to learn a skill or trade and become employable than to compete at a game that doesn't contribute to one's employability? And, don't kid yourself; you can learn teamwork in an office setting, not just in a sport.

How sad. The paralegal program is about to disappear while kids playing games take precedent over people learning job skills that can change their lives.

Rhonda Corriveau

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