Letter: Lisa Balstad


Thanks to supporters

of Maybell horse drive

Thank you, thank you, thank you is all we can say and that does not come close to expressing our gratitude. Thanks to all who came to Maybell and viewed the Sombrero Ranches Great American Horse Drive. Thanks to all who contributed to making this day a huge success. We feel there were more people in Maybell this year to view the horses than last year. We as a planning committee are so excited and so very grateful. All funds raised from the event will be put toward the Maybell Cemetery fence project. We made a big step towards our goal of $15,000 by June 15! Thanks for your generosity.

A very special thanks goes to Sombrero Ranches and Queeda Mantle for allowing us to capitalize on their annual event. Thanks to the following individuals and businesses: Rose White, Wilma Taylor-Baker, Charlene Scott, Dave and Oneta Wooden, Nate and Lisa Balstad, Lois and Ron Stoffle, Scott and Lorena Shaffer, Kathey Ogle, Michelle Rasmussen, JoAnn Simons, Lora Gowdy, Dick and Lynda Becker, Brother's Custom Processing, Mountain Meats, Safeway, Shelly Flannery, Mike Hackett, Maybell Park Board, the Craig Daily Press and the Moffat County Morning News. Without these people and businesses, this event would not have been possible. We look forward to seeing everyone again next year. Look for more vendors, kids activities and much more.

Lisa Balstad

Maybell Planning Committee

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