Publisher's notebook: Reaching all readers


The Craig Daily Press publishes about 600 pages of news each month. In any given month, there are no more than six pages written only in Spanish, which are stories that have previously run in our paper in English.

The Daily Press has a few obligations to our readers.

First, it is our job to communicate the news and information that may be affecting them. In order to complete our first responsibility, we must assist the business community in bringing customers into their businesses. We do that by selling advertising.

Each time we publish the "La Vecindad" portion of our newspaper, we get feedback from our customers that are angry we wasted space in their newspaper for news written in Spanish. I wanted to take a little more space to explain why we do that.

Some people assimilated into both Hispanic and Anglo communities say more than 6 percent of people in Moffat County do not speak English. To communicate with that segment of the population, we must publish information and advertising in a language they can read and understand.

Our decision has nothing to do with national, state and local debates about illegal immigration. We publish these pages so non-English-speaking residents of our community -- your community -- will be aware of what is happening where they live. It is my belief that an educated citizen is a better citizen than an uneducated one.

Can you imagine living in a community without access to a newspaper, radio station or any outlets that provides opinions, comics or advertising in a language you could understand?

By providing this information in Spanish, we inform a growing portion of our population about the laws that are changing that affect them. We make sure they are aware of the events that are coming up so they can attend. We inform them about the many great things people are doing in Moffat County. We try to communicate to them the specials, sales and merchandise that you or your employer offer so they can be educated consumers and spend money in your businesses.

I believe the pages that we publish in Spanish fill a void in this community and serve a valuable service.

Without these pages, the Craig Daily Press would not be fulfilling its obligations to this community.

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