From the pressbox: Reverse the curse


I opened my big mouth.

Two weeks ago, I wrote a column about how well the Moffat County spring sports teams were doing. I went on and on about how I thought the baseball team was the best group in the school this year, the girls golf team was the best in the region and about the girls soccer team getting close to making the playoffs.

Two weeks later, the baseball team is at home during the state tournament, the golf team finished second in the region, and the soccer team couldn't win its last two games.

If I'm not careful, my column might become a curse worst than the Sports Illustrated cover curse.

There's one team left that I predicted good things for this spring: the girls track team. As I write this, I'm watching the girls compete at the regional track meet.

So I don't curse anybody else, I'm not going to comment about how the team is performing.

Actually, I'll go one step further. I'll reverse the curse.

I think the girls track team is going to finish out the season horribly. No girls are going to qualify for the state meet. The regional meet will be one of the worst in the history of MCHS sports. There will be dropped batons, missed events and disqualifications.

The girls will only beat one team, and that's because the last-place team only had one runner.

There, that should do it. The curse is reversed. Check back Monday for the regional coverage to see if I was successful.

It's hard to believe that the 2005-06 sports season is one week from being completed.

I'm fortunate to have the opportunity to cover a high school that has athletic teams that are competitive at almost every level.

In my four years, there have only been two sports that haven't made it to the postseason. Conversations with other sports writers usually lead to them saying, "Man, the (insert school here) (insert sport here) is so bad I can hardly stand going to the games."

This year, I watched the boys soccer team give the eventual state champions, Broomfield, a scare in the first round of the state playoffs. I was fortunate enough to watch Korey Kostur become the fourth two-time state champion in the history of the wrestling program. The girls basketball team's district title was one of the most exciting events I've ever covered.

Come to think of it, I wrote a column halfway through the season that said I thought the girls were going to go far.

Hey, maybe I'm not that bad of luck, after all.

I take back everything I wrote about the girls track team.

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