Remember Mom

Craig has plenty of options for Mother's Day presents


Mother's Day often includes the smell of flowers, the taste of chocolate and the rhyme of a heartfelt card.

Behind Christmas, Mother's Day, which is Sunday, is the second most popular holiday for gift-giving, according to Hallmark.

Inevitably, there will be those shoppers who wait until the last minute to buy that special gift for their loved one.

Fortunately, there is no shortage of options in Craig.

In bloom

Deloris St. Louis has operated Florette Flowers out of her home at 562 Breeze St. for 52 years. Mother's Day is her busiest day of the year.

"We stay very, very busy on Mother's Day," St. Louis said.

One thousand carnations and roses were delivered to her store Thursday in preparation for what's bound to be a dizzying weekend.

"We're loaded with flowers," said St. Louis of the hodge-podge of flowers, accessories, baskets and vases stashed in every nook and cranny of her home. "Everything that's available we have here."

She said her business caters to those shoppers who stay ahead of the game.

"We started delivering flowers on Wednesday for the people that will be out of town on the weekend," St. Louis said.

Gifts for green thumbs

Flowers aren't the only way to a mother's heart.

Garden accessories and plants are always a Mother's Day favorite, said Elisa Shackelton, Colorado State University extension agent.

Look at local nurseries and garden supply stores, and you'll have plenty of selections to choose from, she said.

At Kmart, Timberli Evans said the hot seller seems to be flower display items such as racks and towers, which will hold flower-pots until the weather is favorable for outside planting.

Jake Earls in the garden tent at City Market said it's still early in the season for planting outdoors. Nonetheless, he is seeing shoppers picking up window boxes and flowerpots with Mom in mind.

When it comes to outside planting, Tunies & Such owner Bob Meckley said to wait at least three more weeks before planting outside.

"I recommend hanging baskets," said Meckley, adding that his business made numerous specialty baskets for the Sunday holiday.

Brunch, lunch, buffets

One thing is certain: Mom won't have to wash dishes on Sunday. Throughout Craig, restaurants are busy preparing feasts for the families that will swarm the local eateries.

At Paradise Grill in the Holiday Inn of Craig, crews are prepping for their Mother's Day brunch buffet, which features a smorgasbord including eggs Benedict, prime rib, roast pork and more. Reservations are required.

The Galaxy Restaurant also hosts an all-day Mother's Day buffet. Its menu will feature seafood and American and Chinese delicacies. Reservations are recommended.

The Golden Cavvy has specials including ham and roast pork. Strawberry shortcake is the dessert special.


Kester Jewelry is offering all Black Hills gold in the shop at 20 percent off.

On average, Mother's Day rings can be purchased for $75 to $100.

Buying Mother's Day gifts at a jewelry store makes sense to many shoppers. But, a hardware store?

Jewelry and purses at ACE Hardware are marked down 20 percent this week. Employees said wind chimes and garden supplies for moms with green thumbs are also popular this year.

Although there are many dinner specials and deals across Craig for last-minute shoppers to survive the holiday, many mothers say the most profound gifts of all, phone calls or hugs, are the simplest to give.

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