County jail trying to stop inmate assaults


Jail inmates assaulting accused sex offenders is nothing new, Moffat County Sheriff Buddy Grinstead said this week.

But at the Moffat County Jail, the problem has escalated recently, Grinstead said.

The jail staff is trying to keep inmates who are accused of sex assaults away from the general population, Grinstead said.

"This is typical, run of the mill, prison and jail stuff," Grinstead said.

But the jail staff is trying to cut down on the problem, Grinstead said.

One assault sent an inmate accused of a sex crime to The Memorial Hospital last month, Grinstead said.

Sheriff's Sgt. K.C. Hume said in that incident, William Stanford, 43, is suspected of assaulting a Craig man who is in the jail accused of a sex crime.

Stanford is a Colorado Department of Corrections Inmate from Mesa County in Moffat County Jail on a courtesy hold, Hume said.

It isn't clear whether Stanford assaulted the Craig inmate because the Craig inmate is accused of a sex crime, Hume said.

The Sheriff's Office sent Stanford's case to the District Attorney's Office for charges to be filed, Hume said.

In another case, a DOC inmate in Moffat County Jail on a sex crime was assaulted, Hume said, but the inmate didn't want to say who assaulted him and no charges have been filed.

In that case also, it isn't clear whether the inmate was assaulted because he is accused of a sex crime, Hume said.

If the inmate doesn't want to pursue charges, there isn't much the Sheriff's Office can do, Hume said.

It isn't uncommon for inmates to be reluctant to pursue charges against other inmates in jail and prison assaults, Hume said.

"That does happen in detention facilities," Hume said. "It's not specific only to our jail."

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