Schools promote safe biking


Two bike accidents sent children to the hospital Sunday, so bike safety is on many parents' minds.

While the Parent Advisory Committee helps by distributing discounted bike helmets to children, many area schools now offer safety courses to educate and prepare students.

East Elementary School physical education teacher Brett Sperl has organized a bike safety program for East third- and fourth-graders.

All third and fourth-graders will participate in the course taught by Sperl and Craig Police School Resource Officer Storm Fallon.

Fourth-graders may ride their bikes to school Friday to participate during their gym classes. Third-graders and students who live too far from school will share bikes with other students.

"Kids are getting ready to go out for summer rides -- it's reasonable to see kids 10 and up going places by themselves," Sperl said."We live in a rural, hilly area with lots of trucks and semis. Motorists do a good job, but it will never be perfect, so the biggest thing here is awareness."

The course will stress equipment, safety awareness and proper signaling, and after students are evaluated with a safety quiz and on a small riding course, they will receive certificates.

Students aren't the only ones gearing up for warm-weather biking.

Recognizing May as National Bike Month, Moffat County School District will participate in National Transportation Week with Bike and Walk to Work Week for all MCSD employees from Monday to May 19.

"It's our second year doing this. Last year, we had really good participation," said Cindy Vorhies, a wellness adviser with the district. "It's awesome to see the groups ride into town. There's a lot of camaraderie, and it's a fun thing to do as a group to get exercise and promote health."

Each cycling commuter will receive a ticket each day to enter into a drawing for water bottles. The school with the most tickets by the end of the week wins a fruit and vegetable tray lunch party.

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