Our View: Going to the dogs


Most dog owners probably don't like Craig's leash law.

The law means residents have to keep their canine companions tethered to them at local parks and on sidewalks.

Let your dog roam free at City Park or Woodbury Park and run the risk of being reprimanded by authorities.

We understand the need for the law. Some residents can't be trusted to have their dogs off the leash, and a few irresponsible people have ruined things for everyone.

But it seems unreasonable that there is no place in the city that dogs can play with one another or chase a ball.

We think the time has come for a dog park in the city of Craig.

The fenced-in facilities where dogs can run free are popping up in other areas of the state.

It seems fair that if the city is going to restrict dog owners from walking their pooches without leashes, the city also should provide residents a place where their dogs can safely romp free.

A dog park wouldn't be a monumental construction project.

A small portion of city land --referably at an already existing park -- could be set aside. If money is tight, dog owners could raise money for fencing, and city workers could provide the labor to erect it.

As with anything, the added freedom of a dog park would mean added responsibility for dog owners.

Even at a dog park, owners must clean up after their pets and keep them under control.

A mean dog has no more business at a dog park than it does running loose. If you own such an animal, keep it at home.

A dog park is a friendly spot for people and their pets to spend an afternoon. And city officials can enforce the leash law in other areas with a clear conscience, knowing they have provided plenty of options to residents.

Let's throw a bone to dog owners and their pets.

And owners, please be responsible.

Don't bite the hand that feeds you.

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