JV girls earn first win in finale

Player: 'We went from being an OK team to being a team that worked together'


The Moffat County girls JV soccer team saved the best for last.

In the last game of the season, the Bulldogs defeated Glenwood Springs, 4-3. It was their first win in nine games.

"We played better as a team toward the end of the season," sophomore Maggie Tucci said. "We actually looked where we were passing the ball, and we talked more."

The Bulldogs finished the season 1-7-1. The tie was a 2-2 effort against Palisade.

The team played most of the season with one sub. During some games, it only played with nine players.

"The girls would get tired when we didn't have any subs," JV coach Rosie Lear said. "They hung in there, though."

The improvement throughout the season was something the players and coach commended.

"At the beginning, we went in thinking we were going to lose," Tucci said. "But by the end, we worked hard, and we knew we could do it."

Lear thought the scores of games were signs of improvement.

"Almost every time we played a team the second time, we did better," she said. "We had a lot of close, tough losses."

The Glenwood games are an example of that improvement. In the first game, the Bulldogs lost, 2-0, and then came back to win the second game. The Bulldogs lost to Steamboat Springs, 4-0, in the first game and 2-0 in the second game.

"We went from being an OK team to being a team that worked together," said junior Leticia Duarte, who scored two goals in the final game.

"When the season started, it seemed like the girls went into games thinking they were going to lose," Lear said.

For the girls to improve and play at the varsity level next year, Lear said her players could improve their conditioning and individual skills.

Lear also had a plea for new players.

"If there any girls who haven't played, they can come out and we'll teach them," she said. "It can be fun."

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