4-H Purple Circle Swine Club: Thanks to Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply


To the editor:

We would like to thank Murdoch's Ranch & Home Supply for the generosity it extended to our 4-H pig club. On Saturday, Murdoch's offered a burger and beverage lunch for only 25 cents (yes, that is correct, 25 cents). Members of the Purple Circle Swine Club volunteered to set up, cook, serve and clean up. There were baked goods provided by members of the club, and Murdoch's donated the hamburger meat and buns, condiments, beverages, and facilities necessary to prepare and serve the food. All proceeds collected from this lunch were donated directly to our swine club. Thank you so very much to Murdoch's and all of its employees for giving us the opportunity to earn some money. How best to use the funds will be decided at a later meeting, but rest assured, no matter where the money is used, it will benefit the 4-H Purple Circle Swine Club and our Craig community.

Thank you again, Murdoch's, for your consistent support of 4-H programs and all of their members.

4-H Purple Circle Swine Club

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