New rules for vehicle registration


The Moffat County Clerk and Recorder's Office is no longer accepting foreign driver's licenses and birth certificates as identification for motor vehicle registration and titles.

The change, which took effect Monday, is the result of a federal law requiring secure and verifiable identification for motor vehicle transactions.

The law does not require citizenship to apply for a person to receive a Colorado title.

A valid foreign passport or valid foreign visa allowing a person to work or attend school in the United States will work.

Matricula Consular ID cards, which are issued by the Mexican government, also will not work.

Moffat County Clerk and recorder Elaine Sullivan said that not accepting Matricula Consular cards has created some problems at the Clerk's Office because clerks used to accept the cards.

Sullivan said the best thing people can do is get valid identification, such as a passport or visa.

A list of acceptable forms of identification is available at

The changes do not apply to marriage licenses, Sullivan said. Matricula Consular cards will be accepted for marriage licenses.

Sullivan said if people have questions about the new policies, they can call the Clerk's Office at 824-9104.

Sullivan asked people to be patient with the clerks because they are not the ones who changed the law.

"This was all legislative," Sullivan said.

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