Dr. Allan Reishus: Health fair is good, but no substitute for exams


To the editor:

This year's 9Health Fair in Craig was certainly a success, as noted on Monday's front page. However, the statement that the $30 blood test offered "would otherwise cost $3,000" needs to be corrected.

I checked with The Memorial Hospital's laboratory and those tests would total $209 there.

I then contacted one of the medical clinics in town and learned the same tests could be done for $65 through the same lab the health fair uses in Denver.

Insurance often pays if the tests are done at the hospital or in a clinic when ordered by a physician. And turn-around time at either place is one to two days, not 6 weeks as from the 9Health Fair.

9Health Fair is a good thing, and I am pleased to volunteer my time for the event. The screenings and tests done are a good start. However, people should know that 9Health Fair is not a substitute for a one-on-one visit with your personal physician, dentist and optometrist.

I would encourage the 500-plus people who had blood drawn to see their personal physicians for exams and discussions of the test results.

And if you missed the 9Health Fair, all is not lost. See your physician and have him or her arrange for the tests and get an examination personalized to your needs.

Dr. Allan Reishus

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