Speak up for May 2


Have faith in kids

I'd like to speak up about the horrible accident that occurred Friday night at Indian Run. I just want to make sure everyone's aware of the fact that not all of the kids that were up at Indian Run were up there at an underage drinking party anymore than all of the adults that were at the Chamber mixer were drinking. People need to have a little bit more faith in the kids of our community. People need to show a little bit more compassion when accidents happen and quit looking for somebody to blame and worry about how we're going to fix it.

Go, Wal-Mart, go

I was born and raised in Craig. I'm 72 years old, and I've seen Craig come and go for years. At one time, you could walk down Main Street and buy all your needs -- clothes, shoes, hardware, furniture, drug store, dime store, insurance, get your car fixed, groceries -- whatever you needed, it was there. Now what is there? Surely, not your needs as far as I'm concerned. I think (Wal-Mart) is the best thing that could happen to Craig. It might keep people at home shopping instead of going out of town to go buy. Go, Wal-Mart, go.

A great show

I was at one of the performances of The Joyful Noisemakers last weekend. I would like to think I am speaking for everyone in attendance and that every child should feel like this was written by one or all of his/her guests.

It was impressive performance to say the least. It doesn't need to be compared to anything we currently have in our community; it simply stands on its own.

How exciting to watch the giving and talented adults of our community lead bright, intelligent and likewise talented children to create a wonderful performance. My only disappointment was in the audience. The cast and crew should have received a standing ovation for a job well done. They certainly deserved one.

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