Blinking beacons a sign to slow down


For the third year, the city of Craig has purchased more school zone beacons with blinking lights to warn motorists about lower speed limits on the road ahead as they approach school zones.

The first pair of the solar-powered, blinking light beacons was placed on the streets leading to East Elementary School.

Last year, Ridgeview Elementary School was set up with two signs, one on each approach to the school on Westridge Road.

This year, four more of the beacons have been purchased for placement on Rose and Ninth streets around Craig Intermediate School and Craig Middle School.

The beacons are solar-powered, saving crews from having to run electricity to each of the flashing lights during the installation process.

The blinking lights can be set for times that students will be on the roads on their way to and from school.

Officials said the beacons remove the ambiguity of signs that list speeds to be followed "when children are present." Now, if the beacon's light is blinking, police officers can ticket speeders who are driving too fast in school zones.

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