Christna M. Currie: Girly girls


When you have 4- and 5-year-old girls, you'd better be prepared to be girly.

Five-year-old Katie was born a drama queen, so it was no surprise when her world became all about princesses. Disney's marketing might have something to do with that.

Even Nikki, whose disposition leans toward tomboy, is influenced by the pictures, the toys, and mostly, her big sister. Nikki may be a rough-and-tumble cowgirl, but she rides a pony named "Princess."

In her book, you're either a poop or a princess (yes, we're still in that phase).

They're inclined to sneak apples from the refrigerator so they can play Snow White. Seeing as how they're actually eating apples, I'm not inclined to argue. Then again, once they get tired of fainting into an enchanted sleep, I'm left with a pile of dress-up clothes and an apple with one bite missing. I usually can also find the missing bite. Even to be a princess, they can't get over their intense dislike of the peel.

Along with this infatuation with everything princess comes an infatuation with every princess-related song. We have a movie (thanks Nana and Papa) that has every Disney princess song. It includes the actual song and the karaoke version (did I thank Nana and Papa properly?).

Katie's learned to run the remote control, so she's able to play and replay the same song endlessly. If that's not enough, she also has a mock CD player that gives a 30-second, fast-play version of those same songs (again, thanks Nana and Papa).

We've all become quite talented.

Actually, it's rather endearing to see Katie dancing in circles and singing "Once Upon a Dream."

She's got the words down when the music is playing, but without it, she's stuck.

Then, she falls back on the old standby -- making them up.

I hid around the corner while the two were in the bathtub and listened to Katie sing.

"I love you fishy. You're a good fishy. You swim and swim over the clouds, over the raaaaaaaiiiinnnnnnnnbow."

Not American Idol quality, but endearing nonetheless.

"You love me fishy. You swim and swim all daaaaaaaaaaaaaay. Then you die because a shark eats you."

Hmmm. Not quite the direction I expected the song to go, but hey, she is making it up on the fly.

Music touches us because it's true, right? Right?

Nikki escapes Katie's influence when it comes to music. She's less enthralled with princess songs than Katie is, preferring more current, more popular music. She's got a real handle on the words to Kimberly Locke's "Eighth World Wonder."

But to Nikki, music is good when it's her number.

Nikki is 4, so every time we see a four, she yells, "Look Mom, it's my number."

The day we saw a license plate with three fours was really a banner day. Clearly, that was her car.

She identified the four on our car radio as being her number a long time ago. Just recently, she learned that the number correlated to music. Now, it doesn't matter what's playing on any other preset, the song that's on No. 4 is "beautiful."

It doesn't matter what song it is either.

It's adorable to see the role that music plays in their lives.

The girls were thrilled when I bought them a princess alarm clock. They weren't as thrilled; however, when they realized what an alarm clock is.

It doesn't matter that I've got it set to play music -- the fact that it does so at 7 a.m. is what they really focus on. Nikki doesn't even care that the station it's set on is her number.

The fact that they have to get out of bed lessens the magic of music.

I can't say that I disagree.

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