Christina M. Currie: Enhancing the floor


I'm enough of a girl to find decorative pillows appealing.

I'm also enough of a mother to know that the only thing they enhance in my house is the floor.

I bought a new comforter set, which came with matching pillow shams. I paid extra for two decorative pillows.

Don't ask why I was compelled to do it.

The girls love those pillows, particularly the one they call the "hot dog" pillow.

The only time those pillows are on my bed is when the girls haul them up for a pillow fight.

I try. I make the bed and place the pillows in the proper positions for ideal appeal.

Evidently, I hit the mark, because 4-year-old Nikki and 5-year-old Katie can't resist the appeal.

It's not just the pillows; the girls are incapable of resisting a freshly made bed. Although random to you and me, the embroidery on the comforter must read as an invitation to the girls. In a properly made bed, the girls see a trampoline, a fort, a tablecloth and a Kleenex.

Even their own beds are grounds for imagination's free reign.

I'm under the impression that the living room is the family gathering place. Not so. Mommy's bed is. Whether it be a morning romp or a bedtime snuggle, Mommy's bed is the most appealing piece of furniture in the house (that is, after they learned they're not allowed to jump on, climb over or somersault off the couch).

Except the fact that my new pillows aren't getting the attention they deserve, I really don't mind that the girls make my bed their own.

Most times.

But when my room turned into the sick room, I started to mind.

Katie tosses and turns and kicks and hits and moans and groans in her sleep.

That's when she's well. Imagine when she's sick.

I don't have to imagine. I had seven fun-filled nights to familiarize myself with her nocturnal habits (she wasn't sick for all of those, but there's a lead-up and a let-down time affiliated with childhood illness that extends the actual sick time.

Of course, you rarely have just one sick child. Nikki was about a day ahead of Katie in being sick, but a few days behind Katie in using Mommy's bed to recover.

When she did catch Katie in there and realized that was an option, she needed no further motivation.

Oh, that was fun. Two sick girls plus one queen-sized bed equals no sleep for Mommy.

I feel bad, but I put Nikki in the middle. Nikki's a snuggler, so when my choices were melting from the heat or being pummeled by Katie, I chose hot. Yes, I sacrificed Nikki to do so, but when you see a child sleep while hanging forward in a seat belt with their head bobbing from side to side, you figure they can pretty much sleep through anything.

And she did.

The girls are well enough to be back in their own beds now, and I'm getting a full night's sleep. But, my pillows still live on the floor. There's just no winning in sickness or health.

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