Our VIew: The best we can give


The Craig Daily Press returned from the 2006 Colorado Press Association convention Feb. 26 with 44 awards, the most awards earned by any newspaper in the state.

Although it's affirming to be held in such high regard by one's peers, it's what readers think that truly has meaning to us. It's the support we receive from the community that puts us in the position to be an award-winning newspaper. Without that, it wouldn't matter how skilled our reporters or how tenacious our advertising representatives, we wouldn't be able to do what we do.

The staff of the Craig Daily Press is proud of the product we bring to readers six days a week. It's unheard of for a community the size of Craig to have a daily newspaper, but we're committed to continuing that service and believe our readers appreciate it.

We hope that they appreciate not only the product, but the talent and dedication it takes to produce it.

For newspaper employees, each day brings unique challenges and rewards. The day begins by picking up the paper. There is joy and frustration as we see what we did well and what we wish we would have done differently.

There's not much time to celebrate or mope -- news is happening, sales are on and garage sales are scheduled. Immediately, the 11 people on the Craig Daily Press staff are ready to do it again. And, they know that it must be done on time.

It takes a truly dedicated staff to endure the daily stress and criticisms that outnumber the kudos and to complete 50 hours of work that must be done in a 40-hour week. And, it takes talent to do so in a way that's recognized by other newspapers as outstanding.

There's not one member of the Craig Daily Press staff that doesn't berate themselves more than the public does for a mistake. Each employee holds themselves to a high standard. They're committed to producing the best newspaper possible. Reporters debate the use of affect versus effect and while versus although. Ad reps evaluate print quality and accuracy.

That investment shows when no aspect of your newspaper is overlooked during an award ceremony. From photographs by David Pressgrove and Michelle Perry to ads designed by Cori Welch and Samantha Johnston, the Craig Daily Press was recognized for excellence in nearly every category the Colorado Press Association judges.

We do it for ourselves, because we expect to be the best newspaper we can.

But mostly we do it for you, because our readers expect -- and deserve -- the best we can give.

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