Brief: Energy firm announces program


Xcel Energy announced Monday a new energy-efficient lighting program that will help residential customers in Colorado save energy and money. The company is helping electricity customers make the switch to energy-efficient lighting by offering incentives on compact fluorescent lights.

By replacing one incandescent bulb with a CFL, customers can lower their energy bills by up to $50 during the life of a bulb while protecting the environment.

Customers will receive one free CFL bulb (a $4.99 value) when they buy seven CFL bulbs from Xcel Energy by phone, the Web or mail. Interested customers can take advantage of the offer now by calling (877) 535-0350 during business hours or by visiting

"Replacing the most frequently used incandescent light bulbs in the home with CFL bulbs is an easy way to help conserve energy and save money," said Kim Sherman, product portfolio manager for Xcel Energy. "If residential electricity customers replaced the five most incandescent bulbs in their homes with CFLs, they could save up to $40 a year in electricity costs."

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