Speak up for June 13


I was terribly disappointed after attending several graduation parties to find only one out of five did not serve alcohol. After the recent death of one of our teens this spring due to alcohol, I was that hopeful more parents would take the high road and be a better example for our children.

If we, as adults, can't make it through a graduation celebration for our own children, how can we expect our children to do any different?

Alcohol abuse by our teens in this town is so scary. I, for one, do not want to have to sit through another funeral because of something so preventable.

I commend the one party I attended that did not serve alcohol. Hopefully, we, as adults in this town, will realize that we have to change our own lives if we hope for our children to change theirs.

Alcohol does not have to be part of every social event, celebration, or holiday event. Our kids need to know that. But when they see it as such an important part of the adults' lives in this town, what can we possibly expect from them?

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