Vicki Huyser: Stealing decorations is unacceptable


To the editor:

I think most, if not all, of you are familiar with Happy Bear (a carved wooden bear on Sixth Street). For the past two years, I have been helping the DeuPrees dress Happy for various special occasions. I do this because it brings them great joy.

Last year for graduation, I went to the high school to ask for a cap and gown, which was graciously donated. I spent hours altering the gown to fit Happy and glued the cap onto a coffee can to keep it on his head. He looked grand, the DeuPrees were thrilled, and the people driving by seemed to enjoy it, as well. On the night of graduation, someone stole Happy's cap. The DeuPrees found the coffee can discarded down the road. They were so disappointed.

This year for graduation, I went back to the high school to sheepishly ask for another cap. Again, I received a gracious donation. This year, I stamped metal eyelets through the cap and coffee can to wire it on to Happy's ears. And again, on graduation night, someone stole Happy's cap. I know the cap had to be torn to get it off the can.

I would like the thieves of Craig to know that absolutely everything that goes on Happy Bear is so vastly altered that it would be totally useless to anyone for anything, unless you have a giant wooden bear in the exact shape of Happy. When you steal from Happy, you are only hurting an elderly woman that gains great joy from dressing and sharing this giant wooden bear.

So next year, I guess Happy will not be dressing for graduation. I have received two donations from the high school and will not feel right asking for another. In the meantime, if you see someone walking around with a blue mortarboard on a Folger's coffee can, please return it to Happy Bear.

Vicki Huyser

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