Government update for June 3


Craig City Council
Last met:
May 23
Renewed hotel and restaurant liquor license for Bad to the Bone, 572 Breeze St.
Renewed hotel and restaurant liquor license for Casa Loya, 351 Ranney St.
Renewed retail liquor license for Stockman's Liquor, 574 Pershing St.
Renewed tavern liquor license for Mathers' Inc., 420 Yampa Ave.
Approved variance of front yard setback for addition at 1294 W. Fourth St.
Approved off-street parking and landscaping plan for 1294 W. Fourth st.
Awarded bid of $201,449 to Faris Machinery and Rush Truck for new side-load trash truck. Amount covered by Department of Local Affairs grant equals $86,000.
Awarded bid of $41,002.25 to APH Construction for curb and gutter work.
Awarded bid of $280,000 to Elam Construction for city asphalt work for 2006.
Approved easements for Yampa Valley Electric Association to move two electric lines at Elkhead Reservoir.
Approved a resolution to appropriate $277,000 for Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team for 2005-06.
Approved letter of confirmation from City Council to Craig Police Department to cooperated with state and federal officials in regards to enforcement of immigration laws.

Next Meeting:
June 6
Agenda not available.

Moffat County Commissioners
Last met:
May 31
• Commissioners approved equipment lease contracts for the Road and Bridge Department. The department will enter a contract with Power Equipment Company for a 2004 Bomag roller for $3,300 per month, and a 2001 Broce broom in the amount of $2,380 per month, and with Rifle Equipment Inc. for a broom in the amount of $2,437.70.
• Commissioners approved the purchase of vehicles for the Sheriff's Office. The Sheriff will buy two 2007 pickup trucks and two 2007 Trailblazers for a total amount of $86,990.14. $86,000 will come from grant funds and $990.14 from the Sheriff's budget.
• All votes were 2-0 because Commissioner Tom Gray was not in attendance.

May 30
• Commissioners signed an intergovernmental agreement with the State of Colorado for participation in the Colorado Emergency Fire Fund. Moffat County will contribute about $8,000 to the fund, which is expected to total about $750,000 this year. Moffat County has never needed to use the fund, which is designed to help local governments offset the costs of fighting wildfires.
• Commissioners signed a lease agreement between Moffat County and the Greater Routt and Moffat Narcotics Enforcement Team allowing the county's insurance to cover one of the taskforce's vehicles.
• Commissioners signed an agreement saying they don't oppose the state granting an exemption to JW Operating Company for gas drilling. The exemption will allow the company to drill 50 feet closer to a section line than they normally would be allowed to.
• Commissioners approved a personnel requisition for the road and bridge department for a heavy equipment operator. The new employee will replace one who recently resigned.
• Commissioners approved a personnel requisition for the treasurer's office by a 2-1 vote. Commissioner Saed Tayyara voted against the requisition because the employee who is resigning has not turned in a letter of resignation.
• Commissioners approved a grant request from the Clerk's office to the Colorado Secretary of State's Office. If the Secretary of State approves the request, the Clerk's office will use the money to pay for handicap-accessible ramps at the Maybell Community Center. The community center is the polling place for Maybell residents.

Next meeting:
June 5
Will discuss:
• 8 a.m. Call to order, Pledge of Allegiance and moment of silence
• Consent Agenda
- Sign accounts payable resolution
- Approve courthouse roofing bid
• 8:15 a.m. Senior housing, Keith Antonson
- Employee commendation/award
•:30 a.m. Kelly Goodwin, CET/CIT
- Appointment of members to state planning commission
• 8:45 a.m. Human Resources, Lynnette Running
- Personnel requisition
• a.m. Road and Bridge, Linda DeRose
- Approve transfer permit for Raftopoulos pit
• 9 a.m. General discussion

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