Bike chase reaches 150 mph


A Wyoming man led police on a 54-mile chase Thursday, his BMW motorcycle hitting speeds of more than 150 mph as he weaved in and out of traffic, Colorado State Patrol said.

Forrest Wil--liam Voss, 50, of Hannah, Wyo., was arrested near Massadona at 3:40 p.m. Thursday and is charged with felony vehicular eluding, speeding, reckless driving and passing oncoming vehicles.

State Trooper Marty Smith said he was driving east on U.S. Highway 40 west of Craig when he saw Voss traveling west on the highway at 107 mph.

The speed limit on that stretch of U.S. 40 is 65 mph.

Smith turned around and tried to pull Voss over for speeding, but Voss sped up and fled, the trooper said.

The chase quickly hit speeds well over 100 mph, Smith said.

"I was running 130 mph and he was walking away from me," Smith said.

At one point Voss passed a semi truck on a blind curve in a no-passing zone at more than 100 mph, Smith said.

Smith radioed ahead to Trooper Roger Kendall, who was patrolling near Rangely, and told him that Voss was coming his way.

When Voss passed Kendall near Massadona, the trooper clocked Voss at 133 mph, Smith said.

Kendall turned on his lights and tried to pull Voss over, Smith said.

This time, unlike 54 miles earlier, Voss pulled over, Smith said.

If Voss hadn't stopped, there was another trooper near Dinosaur who was ready to intercept him as well, Smith said.

"Fortunately, we had two more troopers in a position where they could intercept him before he killed himself or anyone else," Smith said.

When Voss finally stopped, he only had a quarter tank of gas, Smith said, so he couldn't have gone much farther.

Voss was booked into Moffat County Jail. He posted $5,000 bail Thursday night and was released.

Smith has been in 29 pursuits in his 20-year career, but Thursday's chase reached the highest speeds, he said.

The chase was particularly dangerous because of all the wildlife on the road, Smith said.

If Voss had hit even an animal as small as a prairie dog at 150 mph, he would have crashed, Smith said.

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