Craig Assembly members go on mission to Mexico


Next week marks the ninth year that members of Craig Assembly of God travel to Mexico.

Each year, the church takes a group of people to Mexico to participate in evangelistic crusades, Pastor Dave Ross said.

"There is no greater cause on earth than helping others find and accept Jesus Christ," Ross said.

He added that this year's team is looking forward to their 10-day trip with anticipation and faith.

"The people in our churches are some of the greatest assets we have for impacting our world," Ross said. "Mobilizing them makes a huge difference in building Christ's kingdom abroad."

The group of 27 people, made up of members from Craig Assembly of God and some from Steamboat Christian Center, will leave for El Paso, Texas, on Thursday.

Ross said the first stop of the trip will be in Chihuahua City, Chihuahua. The stop will include a sermon at a church Craig Assembly members built eight years ago.

After Chihuahua City, the group will head to Delicias, another city in Chihuahua, for a Sunday night sermon. On Monday, the group will visit a jail in the town and another church built four years ago.

"We usually do 13 services on our trip," Ross said, "but this year, we will only do eight or nine."

Ross said the group will do fewer services because most of the members are relatively new to the program, including Ross' 6-year-old son, Alex.

The trip also will include stops at local orphanages that the church has made donations to during previous trips.

In the past, the mission groups have helped build churches, but this year's trip will be more focused on ministering, Ross said.

"We might take an afternoon and paint if we have to," Ross said. "We have learned that God is not looking for superstars to build his kingdom. He looks for those who will go and be faithful."

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