Wrestling banquet a success

High School wrestling team raises $4,400 for upcoming season


The Bulldog wrestling team played host to more than 300 people on Wednesday night, serving their annual prime rib dinner at Moffat County High School.

"The money we raise goes to all different aspects of the wrestling program," head coach Roman Gutierrez said.

This year's dinner brought in $4,400. The team's two annual fundraisers raise about $17,000.

With the money the team has raised in recent years, upgrades have been made to the wrestling equipment and to the wrestlers' gear.

"Last year, the money helped pay for new mats and we got new singlets and warm-ups," junior wrestler Matt Kincheloe said.

The money also helps pay for the annual trip to Las Vegas in January for a large-scale wrestling tournament.

"We raised enough money last year to pay for our trip to Las Vegas," Gutierrez said.

The wrestlers sell around 160 tickets for the dinner, which translates into about $5,000 for the team after the cost of the food is taken out.

Gaylord Flies and Jeff Pleasant help out by preparing the meal. Wrestlers are responsible for setting up tables and serving the drinks and meal to diners.

"Troy (Vernon) and I cleaned tables tonight and helped serve drinks to people," Kincheloe said.

Community members who paid the $50 per couple charge mingled with the wrestlers as well as the coaches while enjoying their dinner. And women who attended were treated to roses from Gutierrez.

"When there's a big turn out, it's always nice to see," Kincheloe said.

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