Young Life back from camp


Daniel Baker spent last week in Challenge, Calif., with 23 teens from Moffat County Young Life.

Baker, along with five other Moffat County Young Life leaders, made the 20-hour drive to Young Life's Woodleaf Camp.

"The hardest part was waking up early and going to bed so late," Baker said. "We did tons of stuff all day with all the people there."

About 350 teens from Young Life groups in Colorado, California and Arizona were at last week's camp.

Young Life is a nondenominational Christian youth group. The group doesn't have members and is open to any interested teenagers.

"The main goal of Young Life is to keep kids out of trouble," Baker said. "We want to be there as a friend for the kids."

Baker said that the camp is a good way for the teens to bond together, as well as get closer to God.

"At camp we go over what God did and how [the teens] can accept that."

"Being around them and seeing kids that believe what I believe is very encouraging," Baker said.

Michelle Hammond was a newcomer to the Young Life summer camp.

"Everyone could go, no matter what religion they were," Hammond said.

She said she enjoyed the go-karts, swimming and rope courses at the camp.

Hammond also went kayaking for her first time.

"A lot of the games were about teamwork," Hammond said. "At the end of each day, we talked about God and how He affects our life."

The camps give teens a chance to hang out with people from other states and ride go-karts and do the ropes courses, but Young Life leader David Pressgrove said there's much more to the camps than activities.

"The camps can have a major impact on the teens' lives," Pressgrove said.

"They knew there was life-changing stuff that could be heard, and they really wanted to hear that," Pressgrove said.

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