Richard Blakley: Parents deserve choice about Dinosaur school


To the editor:

On July 6, the Dinosaur Community Charter School was informed by the Moffat County School District that their board would meet in an executive session today to consult with their attorney about revoking DCCS charter contract for noncompliance issues. After this meeting, they will vote to close DCCS. When asked for a list of compliance issues, DCCS was told the subject would not be discussed unless the vote was to keep us open. I don't understand how we can be out of compliance when MCSD notified the Colorado Department of Education to release our grant money in February. MCSD had told CDE that we were in compliance.

I'm supposed to have a voice, as an American, to choose what's right for my kids and my family.

Rangely school system is not for my kids. I am sure most Rangely families feel that they are getting what is best for their children. Not everyone in Rangely feels that it is the best for them, because we have Rangely children coming to our school. They have a choice to come to DCCS.

I know most of our community feels as if we are left out and forgotten by the rest of the county. We know the board doesn't want to be bothered with us, so they would rather close the school and be done.

We're still here, and we are not going anywhere. We feel that MCSD Board is violating our rights, as Americans, by taking our choices away and telling us what we have to do with our kids.

We believe that education should be for the individual not for the herds; each student is unique and has a different ways of learning. We don't want to be in a system in which we feel like a herd of sheep.

We didn't choose to be a part of Moffat County School District. It's hard to be a part of a district in that couldn't care less about the children here in Dinosaur. The district's resolution is to ship the children to another county and let them worry about these kids. Our forefathers made this choice to build a town here. It was supposed to be a better place to live for our families and children.

We pay our taxes, and our county gets the money, not Rio Blanco County.

The School Board members are elected by the people to serve the people, and even though most of the board was not elected, they still need to do their duty correctly.

It's time to take a stand and say "No more." We will make it better in the end, no matter the costs.

Well, we fight back, to keep our school open for the children. You may close us for a while; that's fine. But we'll still be here, and we will open again.

That's called the American way of life and freedom of choice. We will be at your meeting today.

Richard Blakley

Parent of children entitled to choose DCCS

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