A sense of balance

Moffat County graduate finds spiritual healing in Reiki


Meditation is a common form of relaxation, and one former Moffat County resident has taken his preferred technique to a higher level.

Don Beckett has been practicing Reiki (pronounced "rakey") for 15 years.

Reiki is a form of spiritual healing and spiritual practice believed by its adherents to be beneficial for treating physical, emotional, mental and spiritual diseases.

Beckett said there is no strict translation for the Japanese word "Reiki," but there is a basic one.

"'Rei' means spirit, and 'ki' means energy, so the simplest meaning is 'spirit energy,'" Beckett said.

Since 1991, Beckett has practiced Reiki, making it a large part of his life. He has been a Reiki teacher since 1999.

After he graduated from Moffat County High School in 1971, Beckett went to Arizona State University.

Beckett lived in Boulder through 1981, and then moved to Portland, Ore. He lived in Portland when he was first introduced to Reiki.

Beckett said that while he was learning and teaching Reiki, he was felt like he was not in the right place.

"I was just getting messages for a while that I was to go to Hawaii or Boston," he said.

Beckett said he then contacted a locational astrologist to get a reading.

"(They) work with your location and the effects of planets on you," Beckett said.

He said the astrologist told him that the best place for him was Hawaii. Beckett moved there in September 2002.

During his time in Hawaii, Beckett said he taught Reiki, but didn't have much luck.

"I connected with almost no------body that showed an interest," he said.

Although the people in Hawaii weren't interested in Beckett's teachings, he did have a lot of success in other places.

"Everything has been through my Web site," he said. "I've helped over 1,000 people through the Web site."

Beckett started his site after working as a freelance writer for many years.

"I feel like I spent 16 years practicing writing, after several years of doing that, I found myself writing for my Web site," Beckett said.

Beckett said he has many good memories of Moffat County, and that growing up in Craig meant a lot to him.

"I think that the most important thing there was growing up on a ranch with nothing but wide, open spaces," Beckett said. "I learned to take care of myself. It taught me a lot of things about nature."

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