Time to shine

Rotarians hope last-minute buyers will spur ticket sales


In the eight days remaining until their biggest fundraising event of the year, Craig Rotary Club members are making the final push on what members say have been sluggish ticket sales.

Nearly 220 residents have arrived at past Diamonds & Spurs dressed in glittering dresses, tuxedos or Western formal wear, ready for a night of fine dining and dancing.

But in its fourth year, the posh event is competing with other fundraisers for attendance.

"When we originally planned Diamonds & Spurs, there was no other event in January, so it was the perfect month for people to do something and get out of house," said Samantha Johnston, Rotary Club past president. Johnston is employed by World West LLC, the Craig Daily Press' parent company.

"Since then, other fundraisers have been scheduled every weekend. That makes it difficult because then people have to choose, so instead of every event being successful, they're all sort of successful."

Also in January were the second Rec--reational After-school Doorway Mystery Dinner, and a Moffat County Morning News dinner planned for Saturday.

"People can only do so much," said Jane Krogman, Rotary Club president.

The Rotary Club generally raises $4,000 from the event. The money is used for high school scholarships and other local projects, such as purchasing dictionaries for fourth-graders, and the club's Ridgeview Elementary School Book Buddy program.

The Craig Rotary Club also gives scholarships to Colorado Northwestern Community College-Craig nursing program students.

Although ticket sales are slow, Johnston said it's not uncommon for people to buy theirs at the last minute.

"I wouldn't say it's any different than any other year," she said.

Club members have discussed ways to bolster ticket sales in the future, but haven't made final decisions, Johnston said.

"It would be ideal if other people would plan their events when there's nothing," she said.

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