Speak up for Jan. 17


Pull over or take bus

This is to all the white-knuckled drivers who make the daily commute between Craig and Steamboat.

First, let me say that I want to you to drive your car in a safe and prudent manner. It's your choice at what speed; just be safe.

But when you look into your rearview mirror and see a string of cars behind you, then that should make you aware that your safe and prudent speed is considerably slower than most.

The considerate thing to do is to pull over at the next pullout along the road, where it's safe to do so, and let the 30 or so cars behind you pass in a safe manner.

There are few safe passing areas on U.S. Highway 40, especially with the amount of traffic going both directions lately. Add to that the fact that you're stuck in this string of 30 or so cars going 22 mph, and someone will get frustrated, use poor judgment and will pass in an unsafe manner.

If, for some reason, this is not an option for you, then relieve your stress and the stress of many others and take the bus!

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