Donna Reishus


To the editor:

It is with incredibly mixed feelings that I need to tell you that I'm going back to the states next week to search for a job in Arizona. I will be staying with my mom.

In 2000, I thought I would live in Belize for the rest of my life, but so many things have changed (including me) that I believe it's time to return to the United States. My family needs me back "home." I need my family.

I am very lonely in Belize; Christmas was very difficult. Even though I spent it with dear friends, it was very depressing.

I need to have a purpose in my life -- a real job where I can help people.

My five years in Belize were wonderful in that I felt I really made a difference in families' lives. After enrolling more than 1,500 families in my women's health clinic and educating them about "child spacing," better family lives will happen. The Belizean nurse, "Nurse Terry," will continue with much success, I'm sure.

Again, I want to thank each of you for helping the poorest of the poor in Belize.

Your monetary donations, donations of medications, medical supplies, clothes, books, prayers, good wishes, etc., always will be remembered.

Specifically I am speaking to Craig and Northwest Colorado for all you have done for the people here.

My home in Belize is up for sale. Again, I have mixed feelings about selling it, but I know God will show me the way.

As things happen, I will keep you informed.

A blessed and peace-filled New Year's wish to all of you.

Donna Reishus

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