John P. Wolschon: Too little, too late


I am not impressed with the city's performance of its snow removal and sanding of the city streets.

On Sunday, there was a fast-blowing sleet/snow storm, which instantly iced the roads.

I was involved in a minor fender bender that I feel could have been avoided had there been sand on the roads. Granted it was Sunday, but don't we pay these people (city workers) to keep us safe during these weather conditions? However, the city sand and plow truck got to this scene after the fact.

The driver of the sand truck did, however, drop some sand on the spot in which the spinout occurred. (Too little, too late.)

As the officer returned to both vehicles involved to surrender the reports, he was near falling himself. The paperwork was received as the officer said, "Have a good day, I'm off to the next one."

John P. Wolschon

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