Dr. Gary Erkfritz: Prison not the answer


After reading the story of Kassie Dilldine, don't your readers find the notion of giving this poor girl 32 years in prison absurd? Those numbers come from the federal and state drug warriors who still think that incarceration is the answer to the drug war.

At the same time, this ideology has filled the prisons to overflowing and destroyed many future lives -- many more than the drug has destroyed.

Incarceration doesn't work for a societal problem such as drugs.

History has proven it, past and present. Isn't it time for government officials to wake up to their destruction of vital resources of their citizens?

If nothing more, taxpayers should question whether it's a wise use of their resources to incarcerate people such as Kassie for years upon end for using drugs.

Dr. Gary Erkfritz

Thousand Oaks, Calif.

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