Snowmobile accident sends man to hospital


A Boulder man was taken to The Memorial Hospital after a snowmobile accident in Wilder--ness Ranch on Thursday evening.

Brandon Busch, 35, of Boulder crashed a snowmobile on Moffat County Road 38 at about 5 p.m., according to the Moffat County Sheriff's Office.

Crews from Craig Fire/Rescue and the Sheriff's Office responded to the accident.

Busch was riding next to the road just before dusk when he accidentally drove into an irrigation ditch, said Moffat County Sheriff's Sgt. Rick Holford.

Busch was thrown into the air and landed on the other side of the ditch, Holford said.

Busch's sister, who was riding another snowmobile near Busch, called 911 after the accident.

Busch was riding to a cabin in the area when the accident occurred, said Fire Chief Chris Nichols.

The accident occurred about two miles from the Wilderness Ranch parking area. During the winter, the county doesn't maintain roads beyond the parking lot.

The only access to the area is via snow machines.

Busch was taken to The Memorial Hospital, where he was later released.

The Sheriff's Office has two snowmobiles specifically for accidents, Holford said.

Deputies use the snowmobiles to patrol in Wilderness Ranch during the winter, as well, Holford said.

On New Year's Day, two Iowa men died in an avalanche near Fort Collins while riding snowmobiles.

The men were "high marking," a game where two riders try to see who can go the farthest up the side of a hill. The practice has been known to cause avalanches.

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