Speak up


Tired of your over-grazed yard?

In response to the Colorado Department of Wildlife's plea to keep our dogs away from the deer, here is our plea to them: Keep them out of our yards.

They are destroying everything in our yards. Come on DOW. I thought these animals were bred for hunting, not so we can have our second-biggest investment in life trashed out by some animal that needs to live out of town.

Why are we responsible for the damages on wildlife and you are not responsible for the damages to our property? Seems to me like you don't have the philosophy that the "road runs both ways." I sure would hate to meet up with you on the highway.

Why do we have to continually feed these animals our trees and bushes? When you start taking responsibility for your deer, we will stop harassing them.

If a bear or mountain lion came into town and destroyed our property looking for food or mauled someone's dog, you would be there in a heartbeat to destroy it. I just can't get a clear picture here for some reason.

What do you think residents of Moffat County? Are you tired of your yard looking like an over-grazed field?

I say we stand up for our property that we work hard to pay for.

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