Moffat County to consider property sale


Moffat County commissioners will resume discussion of the sale of the old county shop to the city of Steamboat Springs at Tuesday's meeting.

Commissioners in September voted to sell the property to Steamboat Springs Transit for $220,000.

In November, commissioners were expected to sign a contract finalizing the sale of the 1.4-acre piece of property, 616 Victory Way.

But because of concerns about the contract language, commissioners voted to wait to sign the contract.

Commissioners said they want the contract to clearly state that if Steamboat Springs Transit tears down the shop building that occupies the property, Moffat County will salvage the material if it is stacked. Contract language is vague about the matter, commissioners said.

At Tuesday's meeting, commissioners will discuss the sale with County Attorney Kathleen Taylor, Road and Bridge Department director Bill Mack and city representatives from Steamboat.

Steamboat Springs Transit plans to use the property for a park-and-ride bus station for commuters from Craig to Steamboat.

More than 21 percent of Moffat County residents commute to Routt County for work.

Officials from Steamboat transit have said the delays would not slow down construction of a park-and-ride station because development won't begin until 2007. Steamboat Springs Transit must wait for federal grants to pay for the park-and-ride station.

Also at Tuesday's meeting, commissioners will discuss the 2006 advisory board appointments.

There are 27 openings for eight advisory boards.

The boards are the 14th Judicial District Community Cor----rections Board, Hamilton Com----munity Hall Board, Land Use Board, Library Board, May----bell Community Board, Moffat County Tourism Board, Museum of Northwest Colo--rado Advisory Board and the Planning and Zoning Board.

The boards are made up of volunteers.

Some boards, such as Planning and Zoning and Land Use, vote on issues and make recommendations to the commissioners.

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