Bulldogs hang on for late win against Devils


It was parents night Friday at Moffat County High School.

It was the last home game of the season, and that may be why the Bulldogs started out flat. Moffat County barely hung on through most of the game before coming back to win, 60-51.

The Glenwood Springs Devils were looking for an upset.

"We came here to Moffat County ready to take 'em down," Devils coach Deb Henderson said. "My girls came to win."

That attitude showed from tip-off as Glenwood's Ashley Jensen threw a hard pass to Sharaya Selsor, who dropped in a 3-pointer.

The Devils never looked back. They led in the first period by seven points. The Bulldogs stayed close with a couple of threes by Angie Charchalis.

The best the Bulldogs could do was to tie the score at 12-12 to end the first period.

"Their press hurt us," coach Craig Mortensen said. "Glen--wood was playing well; we wanted to keep it close."

Fouls hurt the Bulldogs in the first half.

Just when Charchalis had closed the gap for the Bulldogs, a foul against Cayla Maneotis led to a technical call on Mortensen for his protest, and the Devils ran up more points.

By halftime, Moffat County was down, 28-23.

"This game brought us together as a team," Bulldog forward Markie Workman said. "At the half, coach said, 'I need you for 16 minutes.' That's when I really connected with my teammates."

She also connected with the basket, four times in the last period. Her 18 points helped the Bulldogs take the lead with six minutes left in the game.

Opening up their lead in the final minutes, the Bulldogs saw the fouls start to go against Glenwood.

"We got into foul trouble in the end," Henderson said. "We deserved to win that game."

Glenwood's Avery Denny agreed. "We played one of our best games, so far," she said.

The Devils' Lisa Richards said, "We lost ourselves mentally in the last two minutes."

Looking back at a tough game, Mortensen said: "That's how it will be in the playoffs. We made some key shots when we needed to.

"Markie is one intense girl. She has to have intelligent aggression."

Both coaches took notice of Maneotis.

"Cayla really changes the game," Mortensen said.

"You can't block six-foot-five," Henderson said.

Maneotis finished with 12 points, and Charchalis led with 19.

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