Prisoners hit with mischief charges

Deputy: Inmates damaged door to tune of $1,300


Two inmates at the Moffat County Jail face felony criminal mischief charges after a sheriff's deputy says the men broke the hinges off their cell door, causing $1,300 in damage.

Shaun Philip Sanchez, 26, of Craig, and Tommy Lee Barton, 22, of Florence, Ore., broke the hinges on the door at the end of January, Moffat County Sheriff's Deputy K.C. Hume said.

The broken door was within a pod of cells. The outer pod door remained closed so the two could not escape, Hume said.

"There was no way they could get out," Hume said.

After the cell door was damaged, guards moved Sanchez and Barton to a different cell, Hume said.

Hume said he had never heard of inmates breaking the hinges off their door before.

Sanchez has been in Moffat County Jail since December on several charges related to separate incidents, including assault, domestic violence, motor vehicle theft and distribution of methamphetamine. Sanchez is awaiting trial on his previous charges.

Barton has been in the jail since August, serving a six-month sentence for failure to appear and assault.

Barton would have been released March 1, but with the new charges, Barton will have to post $10,000 bond before being released.

Sanchez and Barton were booked into jail on their new charges Monday.

The sheriff's office will ask the 14th Judicial District Attorney's Office to have Sanchez and Bar--ton pay restitution, Hume said.

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