Near victim of deer attack encourages people to be cautious


When Dave Dillon heard about a fatal elk attack east of Craig on Thursday, it reminded him of a frightening encounter he had with a deer two years ago.

Dillon, 62, said he was sweeping snow outside his home on Steele Street two winters ago when a buck deer tried to attack him.

The deer, which was a four- or five-pointer, charged at Dillon with its antlers poised to strike, he said.

Dillon turned to run but slipped on the ice, he said.

Fortunately, the deer slipped on the same patch of ice and Dillon was able to crawl to his garage, Dillon said.

"If he had gored me, I would have been in serious trouble," he said.

Another buck lives near Dillon's house this winter, he said, but he is careful not to go near it.

Dillon said what happened to John Wayman Renner, 56, on Thursday was a tragic event, but he doesn't think the elk should be killed because of it.

The elk was in a pen and Renner had been told to stay out of the pen.

"You've got to be careful around these antlered animals," he said.

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